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Autumnal Tune-Up: Falling into Balance

Slowly and steadily the celestial bodies travel through the changes of the seasons. Monday, on the Equinox, we can witness the return of day and night in equal balance.

Humans, however, seem to get caught off guard by these changes. Over the last few decades, in my massage practice, I am aware that my clients are not usually feeling that equilibrium. Switching gears for most of us is quite challenging. September schedules become more hectic. Days are getting shorter and it seems to leave us all with a feeling of urgency and not enough time.

I was caught off balance this week, despite my intention of mindfully observing these seasonal transitions. It seems like only a short time ago that I was patiently awaiting the Summer Solstice with the promise of longer days and warmer nights and exciting activity in my garden. The dramatically changing seasons in Connecticut help me stay connected to the cycles within my own life. The Autumnal Equinox reminds me that equilibrium must once again be established. This year, it took a literal fall to help me return to balance.

Helping my former husband maneuver his 97-year- old father, down a flight of stairs in a wheel chair, resulted in my tumbling over the chair and falling halfway down. No one was hurt unless you want to consult my ego and my black eye. My yoga practice has been strong all summer and I was feeling quite confident that I could help without incident. That was a misjudgment. Being a lover of metaphors, I reflected on the afternoon of preparing my father-in-law for the relocation out of his longtime home, into assisted living on the anniversary week of his wife’s death. I began to tune into what a significant transition this was for all of us, as a family.

I knew it was now time to return to my spiritual practice and my commitment to self-care, seeking out some healing bodywork from a colleague.

I hear from my clients that they want to find more balance in their bodies and in their lives. Coming in for a tune-up often helps them to reassess their baseline and observe where modifications can be made. Together we use the time to check in, quiet the mind and allow the body to return to a sense of equilibrium. When we take the time to be self aware, the body’s inner wisdom knows how to heal.

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