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The Art of Self-Inquiry®


The Art of Self-Inquiry ® is a guided meditation practice that seeks to help you contact your true being. The practice is focused on helping you learn to redirect your attention from outward objects, events and experiences toward the experiences within your body and being. By gradually peeling away focus from external distraction we make space to witness that which rises within our inner experience, thus shedding light on our true nature.

Cathy facilitates the process, providing you with her experience and directing you with guided meditations during this afternoon workshop.The course is suitable for new and experienced meditators. She offers tools she has gathered during her decades of experience with meditation and energy body awareness. No previous experience is necessary. Bring your curiosity to discover what wisdom lies within.

Level 1: Entry Level… While I encourage you to bring your beginner’s mind regardless of your practice. The entry level class will focus on the basic practice of The Art of Self-inquiry®. This simple but powerful exploration is suitable for new and experienced meditators.

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Reiki I Certification

Reiki is a Japanese healing art, which facilitates stress reduction, relaxation and promotes physical and spiritual healing. If you have ever had the desire to begin to study the dimension of energy healing, for yourself, your loved ones or as a career, this is an ideal introduction. If you are a teacher on any level, this practice will enhance your work. Join Cathy Prins, for the first of three levels of Reiki Certification. This training will include the first Attunements to this Universal Life Energy. We will explore the nature of energy and how to self-heal as well as to heal loved ones. Upon completion of the class participants will receive official certification in Reiki I.

This training is open to everyone.


Suggested Reading: Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide by Pamela Miles

Sunday, November 6th 11:00-3:00

Trumbull PT & Wellness | Trumbull CT

Fee for Reiki I $200

Early bird price $185 if registered by noon on Friday, October 28th


Reiki II Certification

Saturday, October 15th 11:00-3:00

Trumbull PT & Wellness | Trumbull CT

Take your study of Reiki to the next level. The Reiki II Certification class includes an opportunity to be attuned to higher levels of the Universal Energies. Learn the sacred symbols to perform long distance healing as well as emotional/mental healing and practice using these techniques. Upon completion of the class, participants will receive official certification in Reiki II.


Fee for Reiki II $325

Early bird price $300 if registered by noon on Friday, October 7th


Awakening the Golden Body​™ (Level 2)

In a unique meditation series, you will have an opportunity to explore this open-hearted practice. Through guided meditation, Cathy will help you to increase your awareness of your physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies. Using your awareness as a vehicle, through intention, relaxation and guidance, you will learn to use your focus to cultivate the finer vibration of reality the Golden Body can offer, an energy system Cathy has been practicing for over a decade.


The realms of spiritual love, light and flow are always present, yet seldom sensed. Typically, we operate in a Newtonian interface with the physical realm; Golden Body practice opens us to consider the influence of other factors on the relationship we have with ourselves, others, and our natural world. With practice we begin to awaken the wisdom of the heart. It is a wisdom that has been with us throughout our lives, often lying dormant due to our personal circumstances and daily lives which can discourage us from cultivating its practice. By awakening this awareness we can consider the circumstances of our lives through with the guidance of the heart.



  • Attend one session of The Art of Self Inquiry®

Suggested Material:

  • Building the Golden Body™ Volume I: Heart Ball  (an audio recording of 8 meditations $40) Purchase at

Fee for Awakening the Golden Body $50/session

$125 for 3 sessions, $200 for 5 sessions

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Reiki Healing Circle for Practitioners

Saturday, October 29th 1:00-3:00

Saturday, November 19th  1:00-3:00

Saturday, December 17th 1:00-3:00

In person and virtual on Zoom

Trumbull PT & Wellness | Trumbull CT


Reiki Mastership Certification


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