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Art of Self Inquiry​®: An experience in meditation

The Art of Self-inquiry® is a guided meditation practice, redirecting your attention from outward objects, events and experiences, and learning to retrain your focus on the experiences within your body and being. By gradually peeling away focus from external distraction to witness our own inner experience, we gain insight into our true nature. 


Cathy facilitates this process, providing you with her guidance during this afternoon workshop. It is suitable for new and experienced meditators. She offers tools she has gathered during her decades of experience with meditation and energy body awareness. No previous experience is necessary. Bring your curiosity to discover what wisdom lies within.

Two levels of exploration:

Art of Self-Inquiry®: Bring your beginner’s mind regardless of your practice. This class will focus on the basic practice of the Art of Self-Inquiry®. This simple, but powerful exploration, is suitable for new and experienced meditators. 


Awakening the Golden Body™: Deepening your experience. This class is designed to offer an in depth experience for those who have previously participated in the Art of Self-Inquiry® class. We will explore and experience the Golden Body™ energies. Please contact Cathy with any questions regarding your participation.

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