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Cathy is a gifted spiritual guide. She has a keen intuition developed through years of study in various meditation disciplines and spiritual practice. Cathy combines her intuition with her ability to read the body for clues. This hands-on spiritual work allows Cathy to feel and acknowledge shifts in the body as she listens to your dialogue. Cathy reports back to you in real time as your body responds to your conversation with Cathy, to her healing hands, and to the evolving situation. Cathy believes this is the essence of following your spiritual path.


Perhaps a family dynamic is playing out in your life; perhaps challenges have appeared at work; perhaps you are on the verge of a new awareness or opening. In these instances your body and your energy pattern provide clues as to how you can remain spiritually open to the next steps on your path. Cathy reads these signs and offers non-judgemental input, physically, spiritually and energetically.

As a busy mom who struggles to put myself on the ''to do'' list, like so many of us, my time with Cathy gives me the opportunity to check in with my needs. Her care enables me to care for my family! I think with so much uncertainty and stresses in our daily living, having someone to support and care for you is a blessing.

- Jenny W.

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