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Cathy is more than the sum of her skills. She has a keen sense of energetic flow and taps that ability in all interactions. Her Reiki and Tarot sessions access a spiritual balance that takes you on a trip to yourself. I also have attended a wedding she officiated and her gentle, peaceful guidance wrapped all those in attendance in a blanket of love. She possess a unique constellation of skills, and regardless of why you choose to see her, you will leave wanting to come back and understanding the meaning of change alchemy.



Cathy is a wonderful healer and an extremely insightful teacher! I am very grateful to Cathy for creating a space to learn about Reiki energy healing. Since my first class in October my life has completely transformed and I am truly on the path to living my Divine purpose. Without Cathy's encouragement I truly do not know if I would have been able to make the life changes necissary to live a life aligned with my highest destiny! Cathy leads by example giving many specific examples from her own life on energy mastery. I have also drove down many hours from Vermont to receive Reiki body healing work from Cathy one on one. Truly a sacred experience that helped me release old energy blocks and allowed for more peace and light to ground into my body with a knowingness that I don't always have to be "doing" and the allowance that it is okay to "just be" has greatly helped me stay centered in peace on my journey! Would recommend Cathy to anyone who is interested in elevating their mind, body, and soul!

-K B


Cathy’s work brings us into meaningful dialogue with our mind and body. Many of us know the mind-body connection exists, but it is not always easy to know how and where to begin healing this connection. For me, Cathy’s work has been the entry point into more consistent self-care. With her deep knowledge, boundless compassion, and powerful intuition, Cathy creates a healing experience that ultimately leads us toward greater self-acceptance and love.

- Client

In her teaching of the healing arts, Cathy is clear and empowering. She transmits the energy and mystery of Reiki and Tarot while affirming our own intuitive capacities. Most of all, Cathy is a role model for how to share generously, live mindfully, and walk the talk.

- Client


Cathy is a healer in the truest tradition of the word: she helps us unite and integrate all aspects of ourselves to feel more whole, present, and loving.

-Katie B


“When we decided to get married, the first person I thought of to officiate was Cathy.  Having known her for several years, I knew she would bring the energy we wanted to our ceremony.  Needless to say, she didn’t disappoint!  We are so grateful that she was able accommodate our last minute plans and braved the snow to make sure our day happened!  If you are looking for someone with a warm gentle spirit to unify you as a couple... Cathy is the one for you!”

- Meg and Mike C.


"In the course of my 17-year working relationship with Cathy, I have found her therapeutic abilities to be unparalleled, especially in her deep tissue work where she proceeds with strong and knowing hands. Cathy’s physical and intuitive assessments are spot-on. A session with Cathy, richly enhanced with informed wisdom of the energy realm, brings healing to another dimension."

- K.C., R.N. and Reiki Master


“Cathy has an amazing ability to purge tension from the body, and get energy flowing freely. The trance like state of relaxation she induces with her hands and her knowledge can best be described as magic. She is a master.”

- Bruce B.



“Cathy has magical fingers that will intuitively find the area of your body that is calling for attention. She is sensitive and thoughtful yet totally professional with her clients. I have been happily working with Cathy for 16 years and count on her to keep me  moving and grooving!!!”

 - Valerie L.


"Intuition is alive within her hands. I have experienced the kind of peace when it seems as if everything has stopped."

- Joy L. A.


"Cathy’s work is a physical and a spiritual practice. You can learn to know and trust the place where your body and your spirit meet."

- Norbie L.


"As a busy mom who struggles to put myself on the ''to do'' list, like so many of us, my time with Cathy gives me the opportunity to check in with my needs. Her care enables me to care for my family! I think with so much uncertainty and stresses in our daily living, having someone to support and care for you is a blessing.”

- Jenny W.

“Tarot teaches you a language for having a good conversation with your deep self. It leads you to trust the wisdom that you already have...about yourself and about the world.”

- N.L.


“The class opened up the Tarot as a way to self-study and reflection...a spiritual practice that complements yoga, meditation, and related paths to deeper understanding of oneself. The workshop inspired me to further investigate the Tarot and make it a part of my daily life. Amazing and worthwhile experience!”

- J.G.

"We were so incredibly lucky to have Cathy officiate our wedding ceremony. Cathy was so much more than just an officiant - she was our spiritual rock, keeping us grounded during the planning process all the way through to the big day... We felt held in her bubble of serene, joyful energy, and our guests did too. She crafted and delivered a beautiful ceremony with authenticity, a few dashes of spontaneity, humor, compassion and love. We will be forever grateful to Cathy for creating an indelible experience full of meaning for the two of us and everyone present."

- Jessica & Karl

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