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Cathy sees the Tarot as a 78 faceted prism, helping to illuminate your past, present and future. As with all aspects of her healing work, Cathy sees the Tarot as multidimensional, thus enabling unlimited avenues for growth and awareness. In Cathy’s readings, the Tarot cards have the remarkable ability to unite and interact with each other. As a card interpreter, Cathy offers the Tarot as a tool to help you more keenly observe and explore the physical, mental, and emotional patterns that are effecting your current situation. Consider the following inquiries; What is your relationship to the world? What qualities are your strengths and your limitations? How do those with whom you surround yourself reflect these qualities back to you? As a Tarot teacher, Cathy welcomes her students into the experience of Tarot with no judgments, preconceived notions, or expectations. She creates a space that accepts and meets you where you are, so you can take from the discipline what serves you most. Whether sitting with her for a private reading or gathering together for a group reading with friends, the experience of the Tarot with Cathy is both personally enlightening and profoundly liberating.

The class opened up the Tarot as a way to self-study and reflection...a spiritual practice that complements yoga, meditation, and related paths to deeper understanding of oneself. The workshop inspired me to further investigate the Tarot and make it a part of my daily life. Amazing and worthwhile experience!

- J.G.

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