Are you feeling the effects of ever-present change in your body?

It is my sacred commitment to create a safe space to foster your healing process through massage therapy, reiki healing, tarot reading, and more.


As we journey through life, we encounter many obstacles in our path. Change Alchemy® empowers you to broaden your perspective so that these obstacles may reveal themselves as signposts to guide you on your journey. Cathy is a Change Alchemist® who helps you unlock your authentic self. Her alchemical tools include massage therapy, reiki healing, tarot readings and more. This multidisciplinary approach enables Cathy to unlock your discomfort, and allow you the ability see what lies beneath.

Guided Healing Sessions

A lifetime of musculoskeletal expertise allows Cathy to employ the wisdom of the body to release holding patterns and relieve pain


Cathy has deepened her understanding of the energetic body by becoming a Reiki I and Reiki II practitioner and going on to become a Reiki Master.

Tarot Teachings

As a card interpreter and teacher, Cathy offers the Tarot as a tool to help others more keenly observe and explore the physical, mental, and emotional patterns of their own human behavior.

Life Events

Welcome the next phase of your life with open-hearted, non-denominational support at weddings, births, deaths, and other life events



Cathy relies on multi-layered expertise in bodywork, energy healing and spiritual guidance to help you reveal your inner truth

Guided Healing Sessions

Cathy is a traditional massage therapist. While most sessions begin with massage, she will intuitively assess your body, using her experience with energy balancing and myofascial release. Cathy finds that the body reveals the most accurate information to guide her through the session, though it is important to reveal any pertinent information about what’s bringing you in to see her. You can also request more specific work with any of the modalities.

"Intuition is alive within her hands. I have experienced the kind of peace when it seems as if everything has stopped."

- Joy L. A.

About Cathy

Cathy has carried her extensive knowledge of and experience in how the body moves and communicates both its strengths as well as its imbalances into her muscular therapy practice. For the past 20 years, she has used her skill and experience to listen to and interpret the specific messages of her client’s bodies, utilizing their existing strengths and helping to empower each client along a healing path which suits his or her own individual needs.

“Several years ago, after a serious car accident, I began working with Cathy. Whether my body needs deep muscular work, or craniosacral therapy, Cathy responds gracefully. She wholly composes a safe, professional and profound healing experience. Her commitment and intuitive approach has empowered me to trust and heal from a very deep place. I am very grateful and fortunate to have made this connection with Cathy”

–Linda L.



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