Cathy has an amazing ability to purge tension from the body, and get energy flowing freely. The trance like state of relaxation she induces with her hands and her knowledge can best be described as magic. She is a master.

- Bruce B.


Massage Therapy

Cathy is a traditional massage therapist. Cathy finds that the body reveals its own clues to guide her through each massage session. Massage therapy is beneficial to decreasing stress, lowering blood pressure, and reducing chronic pain. Lowering these factors is key to leading a healthier lifestyle and improving your state of mind.


It is important to inform Cathy of any pertinent information about any aches, soreness, spasms, or other issues that is bringing you in to see her. You can also request more specific work with any of the modalities. While most sessions begin with massage, she will intuitively assess your body, using her experience with energy balancing and myofascial release.


Muscular Therapy

Developed by Dr. Ben E. Benjamin over 40 years ago, Muscular Therapy is a specialized form of massage that combines deep tissue techniques with myofascial release as a means of reducing pain and discomfort in the body. Specifically, Muscular Therapy focuses on the assessment, treatment and long-term prevention of pain by simultaneously reducing acute stress and enhancing relaxation as well as educating people on how to better care for and to maximize the potential of their bodies.

Cathy’s individualized approach to Muscular Therapy is multilayered — combining her highly developed intuition about and knowledge of body mechanics, she is skilled at designing a hands-on treatment uniquely catered to each client’s needs.

Cathy also teaches her clients specific self-care techniques that support and enhance the benefits of her hands-on work. These techniques, when practiced at home, help to reduce chronic tension and excess stress, which can contribute to re-injury.

This personalized, varied approach to treatment helps her clients get their bodies more efficiently back on track to finding balance — a place, she believes, that every body is striving for and has the capacity to achieve.


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle, light touch approach that releases tension in the central nervous system as a means of allowing other systems in the body to relax, self-correct and become free from pain and discomfort.  Using CST, Cathy has successfully addressed issues including whip-lash, concussions, learning disabilities, epileptic seizures, and MS. Cathy has been practicing Craniosacral Therapy since 2006 and continues her studies of this beneficial technique through the Upledger Institute.

Energy Balancing


Cathy discovered the energetic body during her three year training in Muscular Therapy. Just as the physical body can be injured or feel pain as a result of stress triggers in the external environment, the more subtle, energetic components of the body can also become imbalanced in a similar way. Using her keen, highly developed intuition, Cathy is able to separate her own energy field from the energy fields of her clients and to facilitate a profound level of healing where the two fields merge

Cathy has deepened her understanding of the energetic body by becoming a Reiki I and Reiki IIpractitioner and going on to become a Reiki Master. She has years of energy healing experience and is also experienced with the Light Bodies energy system. Through regular meditation and hands-on healing, Cathy integrates her knowledge of the physical and energetic body and her intuition to enhance each bodywork session.

Cathy works primarily like a traditional massage therapist. While most sessions begin with massage, she immediately uses her experience with energy balancing and myofascial release to assess the body.

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